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Sanati Dode Fam (Sadaf) Co., recognized as the largest carbon black manufacturer in Iran, has established itself as a key player in both the national and global carbon black markets. Leveraging its valuable experiences, domestic capabilities, and technical expertise, the company has secured a significant market share, particularly within the tire and rubber industry. Additionally, it has earned the distinction of being the largest carbon black exporter in Iran, substantially contributing to the country’s non-oil exports.
In 2011, the “Sanati Dode Fam Complex” was inaugurated on the 7th km of Siah Mansoor Road. Since its inception, this complex has thrived, earning the status of Iran’s leading producer and exporter of carbon black. It also proudly holds the distinction of being the first knowledge-based company in the carbon black sector in the country.
Operating with state-of-the-art carbon black production technology since 2012, the Sanati Dode Fam (Sadaf) Complex operates as a subsidiary of “Sina Energy Development Co.”. It remains the sole knowledge-based entity in Iran’s carbon black industry. Accredited with esteemed awards and certifications, it consistently meets its nominal annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of carbon black. Furthermore, its strategic collaborations with the Coal Tar Refining Co. and Iran Tire Co., forming integral components of its upstream and downstream product chains, have played a commendable role in fostering knowledge-based production, job creation, profitability, and the preservation of added value, all within the framework of the Mostazafan Foundation of the Islamic Revolution.
It is important to highlight that this knowledge-based enterprise, while actively serving the domestic market and engaging in direct and indirect exports to more than 15 foreign countries, harbors a long-term aspiration to lead the carbon black industry in Iran and the Middle East.
Sanati Dode Fam (Sadaf) Co.’s primary product, marketed under the trade name “Carbon Black,” is a chemical product characterized by its amorphous molecular structure, composed of finely divided particles constituting 25 to 30 percent of the weight of tires and automotive tubes. It boasts widespread applications in the manufacturing of automotive rubber components, newspaper ink production, and across various sectors involving the paint, coatings, and plastic industries.
In the tire industry, two primary types of carbon black are commonly employed. The first is “hard carbon black,” utilized to enhance abrasion resistance, primarily in tire treads. The second is “soft carbon black,” which bolsters tire flexibility and strength.
In the plastics industry and related sectors, Carbon Black serves multiple essential functions. It is employed for coloration, protection against heat and UV radiation-induced degradation, the creation of electrical properties, and reinforcement. Within the tire industry, its applications extend to reinforcing strength, providing exceptional tear resistance, and facilitating the production process.
In this regard, Sanati Dode Fam (Sadaf) Co. employs cutting-edge technology and domestic innovations to manufacture and supply nine grades of both hard and soft carbon blacks to domestic and international markets.